Listen to what people are saying about Jankland Recording . . . .


“I have had great pleasure working with Steve at Jankland Studios. He is very easy to work with, has an open mind with many creative ideas and has command over top notch gear so each session comes out with the highest quality. I would recommend Jankland to anyone serious about getting your music to sound its best.”

Lee Hogans – Freelance Trumpeter (Pursuance, Prince, Jill Scott, Jay-z), composer/producer

“Steve Jankowski’s Jankland recording studio is where I have recorded my favorite CD’s. Steve’s knowledge of music, ALL STYLES, is what puts him on the “top shelf” for recording. His technical knowledge is of the highest caliber as well. The best mikes are up, the mixes are right from the start, and on playbacks I know it’s going to sound great. I’ve recorded at Capital Studios in Hollywood, Nola in NYC, but I keep coming back to Jankland. He gets the sound, and he gets it fast, and his resources are astounding. A session with Steve Jankowski is always a memorable one. I hope Steve’s keeping a list of all the musicians that record with him. It’s an impressive one that will be a worthy historical retrospective of music recording in the near future.”

Jeff Rupert – Tenor Saxophone recording artist
Maynard Ferguson & Big Bop Nouveau,
Sam Rivers’ Orchestra Director of Jazz Studies,
The University of Central Florida

“Anybody who needs a great studio, great engineer, great ears, and the best place to record….. Jankland is the place. Steve won’t get in your way or tell you what to do but he will advise if you ask him and you also have a friend in him. I highly recommend his studio with Steve as your engineer; that’s a winning combination.”

Bernard “Pretty” Purdie – Drummer and Producer
Owner/ 3B’s Music and Records

“Jankland Recording is a first class studio in every way. Steve is a great performer and also has the technical skills and musical knowledge to bring out the best performance and sound from a single voice to full orchestra.”

Jeffrey Lang – French Horn
Philadelphia Orchestra
Temple University
Bard College Conservatory

“Steve is a professional, period. A great musician, engineer and mixer. Most importantly he is a good person who dedicates himself to the projects he takes on, and unlike many will give you his honest opinion. He gets right there in the trenches with the artist to make sure the music is the best it can be, while always creating a comfortable working atmosphere. Jankland is a first class facility all around.”

Danny White – Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist & Owner Of Beach Music Studios, Belmar NJ

“When I work with Steve Jankowski at JANKLAND RECORDING, I’m in an environment that is both very comfortable and very professional. The YAMAHA C7 Concert Grand Piano is a wonderful instrument that “sings”, and Steve knows exactly what to do on the engineering end with it. The keyboard action is very responsive and allows for great expression. The care and maintenance of the piano is something that Steve gives much thought and consideration. Working with singers and musicians at Jankland is a joy; the sight lines are excellent, and the headphone mix is always spot on. Steve’s professionalism, ears, knowledge, and manner all make for a great experience every time I am at JANKLAND.”

Dean Schneider – Pianist, Arranger, & Musical Director

“Steve Jankowski is an old friend who played trumpet in my big band close to 30 years ago when we appeared regularly at Mike and Randy Brecker’s nightclub, Seventh Avenue South. I learned recently that Steve owns his own studio, and was delighted to hear the audiophile quality he produces. Steve has amazing ears. To see Bruce McDaniel (my producer) and Steve work together is a true delight. They both poured their hearts into my third CD of big band arrangements of Frank Zappa’s music. This music is incredibly complex, so it takes an engineer with a complete knowledge of digital recording to pull it off. Steve never missed a beat whenever I said we need to go back to a certain section. He always new exactly what I was referring to, which made the session go incredibly quick and easy. I plan to do many more sessions at Jankland.”

Ed Palermo – Composer , Arranger, Saxophonist ED PALERMO BIG BAND

“A Morning View,” my second solo CD was mixed and edited by Steve at Jankland. I was very pleased with not only the results but also the facility and most of all, working with Steve. Not only does he have great gear but he knows how to use it creatively. Since he is a virtuoso trumpeter in his own right, his “big ears” were an asset to the project. I felt very comfortable working with him in that he was willing and able to achieve the things I was hearing while at the same time, able to provide suggestions for improving issues of which I was unaware. I highly recommend Steve and Jankland Recording!”

Ralph Bowen – saxophone, recording artist, professor of Jazz at Rutgers University

“Jankland is a FIRST CLASS ACT at affordable prices. Finding the ‘Right’ Studio for YOUR project can be a challenge with so many factors to decide: Acoustics, Gear, Engineers, Size and Location to name a few…when I found JANKLAND my problems were OVER. I knew this was where I wanted to record my project. I have been in and out of both small and major studios since the late 70’s. As a Singer and Harmonica Player I have worked with some of the finest producers and artists in the business … point is, when it comes to recording, I’m not a novice but a spoiled veteran! I knew I was going to have some heavies play on my debut CD like Bernard Purdie, Chuck Rainey, Will Lee, Phoebe Snow, Chris Parker, Shawn Pelton, Leo Nocentelli, Hugh McCracken, so I really had to be sure that I chose a studio and engineer/producer that could put all this together like a PRO. I’m totally HAPPY and THRILLED with Steve Jankowski’s JANKLAND studio. Having not only Steve’s recording expertise at my fingertips but his musical skills and EARS to catch things an Engineer couldn’t, is to me invaluable… PRICELESS! The atmosphere doesn’t get any better as it’s really a STUDIO not someone’s converted basement with toy trucks in the stairwell,-)))) Thanks Steve you are the consummate PROFESSIONAL……”

Rob Paparozzi – Singer, Harmonicist, Performer

“The sessions sound great………..great job of engineering………. you captured the true sound of the Trumpet.& Piano.”

Vinnie Cutro – Trumpet/Jazz Recording Artist

“Jankland is a great sounding room, and the physical set up is very artist-friendly. Steve’s excellent ears, calm and totally supportive presence, complete understanding of the artistic process, and masterful command of the electronic helm allowed us to sail smoothly through our project from initial recording through mixing to mastering. Can’t wait to get back there and do it again!”

Tom Griffith – award-winning songwriter and producer (Clios, a Cannes Silver Lion, a Big Apple Radio Award)

“Bravo”! I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experience recording at “Jankland”. This is my debut CD, and after dozen of development and spec deals from our “leading” NYC studios, it took a facility like “Jankland” to capture what I had always wished I could before. The “no-pressure” and cozy atmosphere is PRICELESS to any artist who is looking for a relaxed space to capture the “truth” in their music. Steve Jankowski is not only an great engineer/producer, but a man on a mission, with patience and confidence to get the sound you’re looking for. Even if you’re describing the sound as “green”…..he’ll find that “green” sound! I have had nothing but positive feedback re: the quality and production that came out of “Jankland”. The record label is thrilled and so are the musicians that played on it (when does THAT ever happen?).

Deena Miller – singer/songwriter ( ForeReel records )

“We are very pleased with the work Steve Jankowski did on Deena Miller’s “A Thousand Words”. We considered other studios and producers, but found Jankland Recording gave us the ideal package; a creative and comfortable atmosphere, top shelf recording gear, and a very capable producer/engineer. Steve’s work with Deena was first rate and I could not have asked for more.”

Hernando Courtright – President, ForeReel Records

“Okay Steve, so let me tell you how it be….I cried with excitement and joy. I got (still have) major league chills and I couldn’t be more pumped up about what Deb’s voice did to this song. I would say that before she sang on it, it was a pretty cool tune but after all the ads (obviously I credit her voice and your producing genius/wizardry), this song has taken on a whole new shape and easily my favorite tune on the whole disc….Great way to end the disc leaving everybody groovin and a nice smack of SOUL right in the kisser!! I love you both for doing this for me …you guys are an amazing team of mega talent (not to mention two of the nicest folk I know) and if XM or Sirius doesn’t play this cut or any of the others I would be so shocked. I’m not too worried because I can always play the (I have Sicilian familia) card with’em (that’s a last resort though…HaHaHa!!) Thank You Thank You and furthermore…. THANK YOU!!!!!!”

Mr Scott the Music Man – Children’s Recording Artist

“Jankland Studios provide an intimate, well-equipped, comfortable environment for recording. But most of all, Steve Jankowski is able to capture the music with complete fidelity. Since he has a background as a working musician, a sound engineer, a record producer, and a composer/arranger, his insight into the whole process of making and recording music is an asset few other studios can provide.”

Dan Weeks – President, Ratamacue Records

“Awesome! Real easy to work with.”

Sean Jones – Trumpet/Jazz Recording Artist

“Steve Jankowski and Jankland Studio was a terrific experience for me. I brought my own drum kit in,and in no time, the kit sound he got was exactly what I wanted. Being a working musician himself, he knew what sound we were looking for, and made us feel comfortable right from the start. I would recommend Jankland Studio to musicians and/or bands of all styles. I’m looking forward to working with Steve again in the future”

Don Guinta – Drums (w/Vic Juris, Oz Noy, Walt Weiskopf, Steve LaSpina, Paul Bollenback, Mike Richmond, Bob DeVos)

“I really appreciate all your efforts. I was thinking today about how you helped put a musician’s anxieties at ease, & kept placing positive statements regarding every feedback. He picked it up too. You’ve been able to meet musicians needs in the studio, & build up their confidence to get their best performance (myself included). It’s making a substantial impact on this album. You have a gift. You’re professional, proficient & easy to work with. You’ve also taken a genuine interest in my album. Like I said, it’s making a significant difference. Once again, I really appreciate it.”

Yosi – singer/songwriter children’s music

“Steve Jankowski has the rare ability to combine a full technical command of the latest recording technology with an unparalleled musical intuition and taste. To each project he not only brings a full working knowledge of the equipment, but also a vast resource of creative energy, intuition and dedication. As an orchestral film composer, I have been honored to have used his talents on Academy and Emmy Award winning projects. I have and will continue to collaborate with Steve who I consider a recording engineer of such extraordinary magnitude that I feel honored to call him my colleague and friend.”

Kenneth Lampl – composer SSRI Productions

“Steve possesses a rare combination of genius and generosity. He hears music in a panorama of color, adding depth to any style recording. And as if that weren’t enough, working with him is as easy as it is rewarding.”

Helen Campo – flutist, singer/songwriter – Helen has performed on hundreds of recordings from classical to pop, movies to tv commercials. Leonard Bernstein wrote “Miss Campo plays the flute the way I wish I could sing”

“I can’t say enough good things about the time spent at Jankland studios working on the projects: “Tom Timko and the Horn Dogs”, and the “Deena Miller” albums. Steve provides state of the art gear, coupled with musical and technical know how. On a personal note, his patience and dedication are second to none!”

Tom Timko – Saxophone recording artist Tom Timko and the Horn Dogs, Saxophone with Gloria Estefan

“We recorded our classical CDs, “A Christmas Feast” and “Private Collection” at Jankland studios. Steve immediately impressed all of us by getting incredible sound that retained all the character of our individuality and personality. Our violinist even mentioned that Steve got a better violin sound than on his own solo album! Our previous concerns of recording such challenging instruments as Harp, French Horn, and Cello were erased as soon as we realized how great it was going to sound. We had 20 charts to lay down in a limited time period and yet Steve kept a relaxed and efficient atmosphere to help us play our best. I was also part of the editing process and the mixing and sound enhancements were done subtly and flawlessly. The mastering was something I had never experienced first hand and once again Steve proved he is at the top of his field in every way. I was given clear choices and our final decision to get an intimate, “in the room”, clear result got raves from all the musicians and listeners. I can’t wait to do my next project with Steve.”

Peter Reit – French Horn, co-producer, CEO Gray Lake Music

“Steve is truly a consummate professional. Steve has golden ears, an enormous amount of technical knowledge and brings his many years of professional experience to every project he is involved with. I highly recommend Steve as an engineer and performer. It is always a pleasure to work with Steve and I can’t thank him enough for the generous contribution of his time and energy to my project.”

Karl Latham – freelance drummer/recording artist

“Even though I have never been to Jankland, the product that comes out of there is first rate. I send rough mixes to Jankland for horns to be put on and they were not only fast, the parts were great and the horn mix was superb. Being a horn player, Steve really knows how to mix horns. We practically did nothing to them in our mix!”

Frank Gorgo – Radio Active Music

“Got the new CD this morning… It’s GREAT! We’ll happily celebrate the new release! Lotsa tracks for us to play on XMKiDS. I’ve found that “Under A Big Bright Yellow Umbrella” is the perfect CD to play while jumping on the bed. Right now, I’m playing “Hole In The Ground” on XMKiDS… God bless you for using real horns!!! “

Kenny Curtis – Program Director – XMKiDS/XM Satellite Radio

“We started our project at a different studio a long time ago. Mercifully, Steve and his great studio came into our life and his professionalism and gentle prodding got us to the finish line in short order. As a superior musician himself, Steve was able to add some horn parts to our tracks which lifted some of the tunes to a different level altogether. But most of all, he puts out a BIG SOUND!”

Tim McLoone and The Shirleys