About Jankland

Jankland Recording is a full service, fully automated digital recording studio. We provide tracking (4 separate rooms for isolation), mixing, mastering, production, arranging, musician contracting services, and top of the line digital and analog gear, in a peaceful and inspiring environment. Let us help you realize your musical goals.


* Fully Automated Digital Recording Studio
* 3 iso rooms PLUS 1 large 18′ x24″ tracking room
* Yamaha C7 Concert Grand Piano
* Hammond B3 with Leslie Speaker cabinet
* Pearl Custom Masters Drum Kit
* Wide selection of quality microphones (Neumann, Gefell, Soundelux, AKG, Earthworks, etc)
* Choice of top of the line pre-amps (Neve, Massenburg, API, Tube-Tech, Daking, Chandler, Great River, etc)
* Located at the Central Jersey Shore, one hour drive from NYC, Philly, Atlantic City (Easily accessible by train)
* Owned and operated by a fellow musician with over 25 years engineering experience
* Experienced in Rock, Pop, Jazz, Fusion, Classical, R&B, Folk, etc
* Hotel accommodations nearby
* Variety of restaurants nearby for meal breaks or delivery
* Top NY session musicians work here often and are for hire for your session (rhythm section, vocalists, horns, strings, etc)
* Comfortable, peaceful and friendly environment to create in.
* Beaches and boardwalk nearby (one mile) for panoramic view to relax and rejuvenate

From Steve Jankowski:

I built a small recording studio in 1991 to help deserving fellow musicians get their music heard. 26 years later, Jankland Recording has expanded to a state of the art, fully automated, digital recording studio that provides a comfortable place for fellow musicians to realize their musical aspirations.

Services provided are tracking, arranging, mixing, production, editing, and mastering. Having been on both sides of the glass, and as former Musical Director for Blood Sweat and Tears, I understand what musicians and producers need during the recording and mixing process.

At Jankland, we provide choices of the best mics, pre-amps, and outboard gear available today. (Full listing on our Gear page). The studio features a 23′ x 18′ tracking room and 3 additional isolation rooms. Studio Instruments include a mint condition 7’6” Yamaha C7 Concert Grand Piano, Hammond B3 w/Leslie, and Pearl Custom Masters Maple drum kit.

Jankland Recording has produced countless CD’s, film scores, jingles, and demos for artists and record labels. Located in Central New Jersey, near the coast, Jankland Recording is easily accessible from New York, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City. Let us help you realize your desire to be heard.